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My USWest Lightning Sorc Build, 200/142 PvP

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My USWest Lightning Sorc Build, 200/142 PvP

Post#1by Resurrect » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:36 pm

35fcr Spirit Crystal Sword (Low Str)
35fcr Spirit Monarch
Boots: Wraith Brands 30/20/19str/49/48/48 res (No Poison) OR / Imp Shenks (Mainly for 20fhr & Res)
Gloves: Magefists
Helm: 25/-20 Griffons
Belt: Spider
Switch: Cta / Spirit obv
Armor: Up'd Vipermagi (FCR / Res) socketed with 7fhr/15@res Jewel
Rings: 2x 10fcr/str (or life)/res Rings
Ammy: 2sorc/15+fcr/life/res Ammy
9x 40+ Life Light Skill GCs
9x 20/11res Scs
1x 5fhr/11res Sc

If built this way your pvp character will have 200+ fcr and 142 FHR on the dot. Even though the lightning fcr breakpoint is 194 the teleport fcr breakpoint is 200, if your gonna go 194 you might as well go all the way for your faster teleport.

As you know this is not a private server build.
Please discuss on this build to better this build to the private realm.
Thank you for reading. :) :idea:

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Re: My USWest Lightning Sorc Build, 200/142 PvP

Post#2by z3r0 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:59 pm

It's a nice guide for a blizzlike style of play. In fun realm there can me various tweaks ince there are much more gear that would buff a sorc. You knowwwwwwww u should make an sc char for pvp :)
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