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Ultimate TeamGame ARE YOU GAME!

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Ultimate TeamGame ARE YOU GAME!

Post#1by SoulKeeper » Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:43 am


1. No Playing ALONE!
2. All players must be in the same game at all times.
3. Allowed to buy/sell all
4. Allowed to respec at end of a1 or a5 b4 baal.
5. Allowed to socket items with runes.
6. NO WOB RUNEWORDS!!!! ( just the old 1.10 runewords)
7. All Quests must be completed
8. All paths must be cleared to bosses.
10. This is a team game for a reason we play together always at the same time never alone :)
11. If someone dies everyone starts over ( hence team game :) )


Get everyone a DESO RUNE! Everyone has to have 1
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